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We Discover Ancient Plevrona

and our Land

September 17, 2016

We start at 08:30 from our office, to visit Ancient Plevrona, where you will be guided with the help of our guide, to the glorious city of the 4th century BC that fascinates us with the structure.


Going down will make a stop for breakfast in the picturesque Aetoliko and visit the 'Vasso Katraki' Engraving Arts museum. We will feel proud that such a great artist originally from Aetoliko and feel awe of her works are hosted in the only museum dedicated exclusively to printmaking art in Europe.


We continue discovering the natural beauty of our country, one of the most important rivers of Greece, the mythical Acheloos. And we will visit the ancient city of Oiniades from the 6th century BC, with the amazing maintained yard.


Here we get a taste of local produce with our visit to the Sotiriou Winery, and its specially designed area.


We return to Messolonghi.


Package Includes:

  • The carriage with comfortable and modern bus 20 seats.

  • The tour to the sites of tour guide.

  • Tickets to the archaeological sites and the museum.

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