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Water Routes

in the Lagoon of Messolonghi

Route No1

With a skiff from Messolonghi (Tourlida) - Agios Sostis (Lighthouse)

- Vasiladi - and return to Messolonghi (Tourlida)

Route No2

With a skiff from Messolonghi (Tourlida) - Agios Sostis (Lighthouse)

- Coma - Schinias - Prokopanistos - Panagia Prokopanisiotissa

- return to Messolonghi (Tourlida)

Route No3

With a skiff from Messolonghi (Tourlida) - Aetoliko

- return to Messolonghi (Tourlida) by road 

Route No4

With tourist canoe - kayaks in the lagoon of Kleisova

up to the island of Agia Triada and return

We are waiting you to discover the islands of the lagoon


The tour of Messolonghi - Aetoliko Lagoon, is not just a visitor's acquaintance with the water element, but with the hospitality of one of the largest and diverse ecosystems of Europe.


With water routes organized by Discover Messolonghi, a visitor can admire the complexity of the islands of the lagoon with its picturesque pelades of the fishermen, the seasonal birds, the feast of colours of the sunset.


You will experience the harmonious coexistence between man and nature through fishing, sports and recreational activities.


Discover the Invariant Sections of  the Wetland surrounding the Messolongi and Aetoliko.


Our colleagues are at your disposal so you will get to know our country better.


Information - Tickets


6 El. Poliorkimenon Street, Messolonghi

Contact Numbers: +30 26310 25545 | +30 6982969527


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