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The dancing department of the Municipality of Messolonghi, was renamed in March 2010 to Dancing Club of Messolonghi.


It represents our sacred city, by presenting our customs, dances and songs from the St. Symeon Festival but also dances from Rumeli. Dances from all over Greece are being taught, in order to give the opportunity to members to learn about the history of the manners and customs of our country.


Since its establishment the Dancing Club made appearances in Patra, in Astakos, during events in the municipality of Peania and made 13 appearances in August 2010 in Victoria, Vancouver, continuing its sixteen-year history with the 1.157 appearances, with numerous awards and distinctions in Greece and abroad, always allworthy representatives of our Holy City. The Dance department operates in a hall of the 2nd elementary school of Messolonghi, always aiming for the best that can be given to the cultural level of its members and our city.


Head of the department is the physical education teacher - dance teacher, Dimitrios Karavasilis. The Dancing Club of Messolonghi does Digital Presentations of traditional costumes, instruments, dances of the region and dancing events at conferences and other events, using a projector.


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