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Excursion to Nafpaktos 
2 Days Excursion

The anniversary of the Battle of Nafpaktos which was held on 07-10-1571, an important event when the united Christian fleet of all European countries, with the Commodore Regent of Spain Don Juan came into conflict with the fleet of the Ottoman Empire, which threatened to enter Europe. This year we celebrate the anniversary of 445 years.


Day 1

After we arrive at the hotel «Nafs», we will have a tour of the city of Nafpaktos, starting from the imposing castle with its commanding view of the whole city and the panorama of the Corinthian Gulf. Then we will have a tour of the picturesque Venetian Harbour, where there is the statue of the Spanish novelist Miguel de Cervantes, who took part in the Battle of Nafpaktos as a noncommissioned officer of the warship Marquesa, and even lost his left hand. After that we will visit the Fetihe mosque that serves as an exhibition space. Of course we will visit the museum of the Tower of Markos Botsaris and will arrive in Asklepion.


We will take a break in one of the nicest parts of Nafpaktos, in Stenopazaro, for lunch at the ‘Ef Oinos’ Restaurant." With a wide variety of delicious delicacies and traditional dishes that will satisfy every requirement for good food.


We continue our tour of Antirrio, which because of its location, it was the only passage from Locris and Aetolia Achaia, was used as a port all year, since the Dorians until today. The most important monument is the medieval Fortress of Antirrio, but also dominant in the area, an important contemporary work, the Rio-Antirio, which has been named "Charilaos Trikoupis" in honor of the politician, who first envisioned it a century earlier.


Finally, we will visit ancient Makyneia which is located near the South East side of Mount Tafiassou (Klokova) toward the Molykriou. It was unclear when it was built, perhaps this is ancient Homeric city. The Makyneia was a Locric town near the border with the Aetolians and is not known with certainty when it fell into the hands of the Aetolians. Maybe in 338 BC, during which Philip II of Macedon captured Nafpaktos. We return to Nafpaktos with the rest of the day at your leisure.


Day 2

We start our tour in the most mountainous areas of our country with such great beauty which is carefully hidden. It consists of a cluster of villages known to all of us with the name of Kravara, that according to the locals derives from the phrase "hit their heads" that was being said during clashes with the Turks.

Settlements with intense interest, with unique samples of popular traditional architecture and integration into the natural environment, important remnants of our cultural heritage. Springs with stone-carved fountains spring up from everywhere, verdant mountains surround each village, dense forests of fir trees invade the courtyards of stone-built houses.


The traditional architecture directly reflects the spirit of the place that it was developed. It is a recognizable element of its identity, a dynamic reference point and an integral part of modern life in Nafpaktia.

We return to the city of Nafpaktos, for a traditional meal, rest and the rest of the at our leisure.


  • Minimum number of participants is 15 people.

  • If the proposed dates or the duration or the travel programme do not meet your expectations, please contact us and one of our colleagues will help you create the trip of your dreams.

  • Available Bank Accounts (for deposits): 
    NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE (IBAN): GR89 4120 0000 4120 0184 228

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