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Freefall courses by parachuting instructor John Delaporta and the BLUE REBELS. The training is done in Bulgaria in the town of Montana. The new hangars and facilities, and the two planes are approved and certified for parachute drops, with a team of experienced pilots, in a zone that would be envied by the most famous zones of Europe. With the brand new restaurant and pool, the paradise that hosts us in our neighboring Bulgaria is complete. Travelling is part of our lives. That is the way, we paratroopers live by. We invite you to come with us, join our travel experiences, with education, jumps and fun. Join a group of people who love the skies, the nature and freedom! You can make your dream come true and fly, to feel a sense of emptiness, having by your side a certified instructor with an experience of 24 years in the field of skydiving.


The Head of BLUE REBELS and Instructor of our Skyding School, John Delaportas is in the field of Skydiving since 1987. After many trips around the world, our Team, has reached the conclusion that the journey and teamwork, are and should be integral parts in the life of a real paratrooper. New countries, different cultures, unknown dropzones, other cultures and most importantly, acquainting with leaders of the field, but also with ordinary citizens-skydivers, from whom we can learn and enrich our knowledge and gain new experiences. All this is indicative of a small portion that we, the members of this group, have gained so far.

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