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Religious Tourism

Come and to organize your excursion to discover the religious places and monasteries of our region.

Prousos Monastery - Thermo - Trichonida lake












Departure at 9:00 from Nafpaktos to Thermo and in particular the famous Prous Monastery. Going towards Prouso we will meet the picturesque villages of Klausi, Megalo and Mikro Chorio as well as Gavros. The monastery of Panagia Prousiotissa is standing on a cliff. The scenery scenery. The monastery of Prousos is one of the most important pilgrimage centers of Orthodoxy, hosting the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary of Prousiotissa, which is the work of Evangelist Loukas.

Every day a crowd is flocking to worship and take its blessing from all parts of Greece and faithful from all over the world. The monastery is celebrated on August 23, which is the celebration of the "CELEBRATION OF THEOTOKOS". It is just 28 kilometers from Karpenissi and 55 kilometers from Agrinio. The monastery dates back to the 9th century AD. Magnificent on the edges of a steep cliff of the Evritanic mountains. The view and the morphology of the area are such that they will be amazed by every pilgrim and visitor. The monastery has a museum where are exhibited 15th and 16th century icons, ecclesiastical relics and manuscripts, and part of the artillery of Georgios Karaiskakis.

Then we will eat at Lake Trichonida. On the way back just outside Messolongi is the Holy Monastery of Agia Eleoussa, one of the most beautiful locations of the Prefecture of Aitoloakarnania, Kleisoura. The Monastery of the Monastery, as it is nailed to the top of the mountain of Arakinthos, is a center and reference point of the religious life of the Prefecture. A place watered by the blood of our ancestors for freedom and independence, as our national poet Kostis Palamas writes. Return to Nafpaktos for a rest and free program.

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