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Photographic Safari in the Lagoon of Messolonghi 
1 Day Excursion

The lagoon of Messolonghi - Aetoliko, which is surrounded by the rivers Acheloos and Evinos, shapes together with the cluster of the Echinades islands, a unique wetland, and is declared a National Park Lagoon.


An ecosystem suitable to accommodate hundreds of species of wildlife, bird and fish fauna, classified in one of the most important wetlands in Europe. An environment full of images of natural beauty, wildlife, and the human element is active and interacts with the lagoon environment.

Start your tour with a taste of the East Kleisova towards the Tourlida saltmarshes, where you observe the traditional pens, natural fish farms in the region. The observation in the field of Tourlida saltmarshes might take three stops according to the locations of bird concentrations depending on the season and weather. 


Then we can sit down for lunch and rest on the island of Tourlida in "Tourlida" restaurant.


The menu includes:



Salted anchovies marinated with garlic and parsley /

Steamed mussels with mustard sauce.



Greek salad


Main Dish

Fresh seasonal fish from the lagoon (sea bream-bass-pedal mullet) /

Meat of your choice on the grill with french fries or boiled greens.



2 glasses of wine or 1 glass of Ouzo Trikene



Dessert of the day (season fruit or dessert)


Subsequently, following floating tour of the lagoon with speedboats for 5 people, with an engine of 30hp (without the need for a diploma) to provide autonomy to our movements and a different perspective. We approach the islands and the versatile ecosystem formed therein.


After you follow the path from Tourlida - Agios Sostis (Lighthouse), we enter the world of the lagoon fishermen and the traditional farms, the pens, where the actual images from their hard life, but our natural beauty filled images, where our photographic lens trying to capture, perhaps in vain, as the next picture is always the best.


Back in the harbour of Messolonghi and the rest of the day at your leisure.


  • Minimum number of participants is 15 people.

  • If the proposed dates or the duration or the travel programme do not meet your expectations, please contact us and one of our colleagues will help you create the trip of your dreams.

  • Available Bank Accounts (for deposits): 
    NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE (IBAN): GR89 4120 0000 4120 0184 228

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