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Nautical Club of Messolonghi started its activities in 1967 (at that time it was incorporated in the Athletic Association "Charilaos Trikoupis"). In 1977 it cut from the Association "Charilaos Trikoupis" and it was officially established with the name "Nautical Club of Messolonghi" and the emblem of the Gaita Boat of Messolonghi. That same year, together with 15 other clubs, set up today's Swimming Federation and simultaneously becomes member of Rowing Federation where it has a significant presence.


Today the activities of Nautical Club of Messolonghi are, Canoe Kayak in Tranquil Waters, Water Polo (team competes in national category D, being the only team of the county), Offshore Sailing and Scuba Diving.


The Nautical Club of Messolonghi in recent years developed with the relevant facilities, Sailing and Canoe Kayak in Tranquil Waters, taking advantage of the comparative advantage of the region, its calm and shallow waters of the historic lagoon. In this short period the Nautical Club of Messolonghi, has featured champions in national competitions of Canoe Kayak, organizes major sporting events (National Championship Development canoeing in Tranquil Waters every August and races between teams), operates a Sailing School and participates in the Sailing Rally.


Objectives of Nautical Club of Messolonghi, is to promote the region into an International - Nautical Training Centre and the development of Ecotourism in the unique Ecosystem of the Lagoon. National Teams and Sports clubs, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Cyprus and Greece have already chosen our waters for preparation. Finally the Board of the Nautical Club of Messolonghi, thanks those who support the effort and especially the parents who entrust us with their children!

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