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The caves are a global and timeless legacy.

Monuments of natural beauty.

Repositories of historical, geological and biological knowledge.

Safe shelters, of every living being.

They belong to all people of all generations.

Protect them.

Make sure your visit to a cave, can not detected, after you leave it..!


Speleological Guide Aitoloakarnania is out. Α luxurious, enjoyable colour edition of 245 pages in which, with more than 500 photos and drawings with very detailed descriptions, most of the caves of the largest prefecture in the country are presented, as well as the artificial underground spaces of the area. We offer all the necessary information for their tracking and access, but also for use by people in the course of history. In this edition the legends and traditions associated with these areas are included too.


The project covers the whole area. From the Mountain Swamp and Mountainous Nafpaktia to one of the southernmost points of the Mount Varasova - known as the Holy Mountain of Aitoloakarnania.

Book Price: 18 euro

Main distributor: Media Centre - V.Tegas, Charilaou Trikoupi Street (Main pedestrian street), Messolonghi.

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