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Ancient Calydon was one of the most important cities in Aetolia. Its strong fortifications, ftom the classical - Hellenistic period, spreads on two adjacent hills called "Kourtaga" near the present Evinochori. 

Ancient Plevrona is mentioned for the first time by Homer, along with four other Aetolian cities, Calydon, Halkida, Olenos and Pylini, on the famous list of Greek ships that participated in the Trojan War. 

​Unique monument and one of the most imposing because of their very good preservation are the Shipsheds or dockyards. 

At the location of the "Thousand Houses" near the present village of St. Thomas, between Calydon and Plevrona, the ruins of another ancient city exist, which are identified according to most scholars with those of Alicyrna.

A short distance from Messolonghi, in the location of 'St. John', survives a large and imposing complex of public baths from Roman times. The monument was known in Anglo Browser WM Leake, who identified it as the Roman Baths. 

​This is an important area which is located inside the city wall, which was used as a cemetery during the years of the siege (1822-1826). The idea of ​​creating a garden dedicated to the memory of the Messolonghi Fighters belongs to the first governor of Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias.

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