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General Terms



Under the Presidential Decree 339/1996, pursuant to Directive 90/314/EEC


We kindly ask you to read the following general conditions before you sign up to one of the organized transport or trips we make. It is also noted that the in these conditions are mentioned all general information, rights and obligations of both parties. Regarding to specific information (destinations, prices, days; hours departure / return, transports, visits, etc.) for each transfer or excursion organized separately, consult our office about the existing schedule and the relevant price list.



The information, data and recommendations contained in the General Conditions of Participation are checked at the time of writing of this text for accuracy and validity of a general nature and apply unless stated otherwise in the program of any transport or excursion. Printed material and other information material can be altered due to frequent and temporary changes in conditions worldwide and notably in transport and international relations. In that case you will get instant notification in a most scholarly manner.



All the above can be done by visiting our site and imply the unreserved acceptance of and compliance with these general conditions. For the validity of the registration you must provide proof of payment of the transfer or excursion with written indication of dates of departure and return and any other distinctive features. You have the right to participate in the transportation or the excursion by ensuring that the payment in full of the total value and related charges, at least 10 full days prior to departure. If the full amount of the transfer or excursion is not paid on time, our office is entitled to cancel the booking and may require cancellation charges according to the cancellation terms provided herein. The representative of the family or the group is required to inform all those who are represented, about the terms and conditions of the trip. Participants have the same obligations as their representative and of our office is available to provide all relevant information when requested.



The value of every travel service is indicated in the latest applicable medium (print or online). Prices are calculated on the day of the issued price list based on the cost of services of each trip, applicable fares / surcharges, taxes and other costs such as rates of foreign currencies compared to Euro and any other cost factor. Our offices after exhausting every possibility of forecasting, reserve the right adjustments in prices when the cost factors change. The price change for a trip can be done 20 days before the date of the departure due to unforeseen increases in freight rates, foreign exchange, fuel, etc. If the price increases largely (over 10% of the value of the trip), the traveller has the right to cancel the participation and retrieve the money that has been paid. Even our offices have the right for a certain period, or for a limited number of seats, to have sold positions at better prices, with special conditions of cancellation. Charges for children differ case by offering free accommodation without food, hotels and ships up to a small discount (at ages 2-12 years and only pay when two adults in the same room / cabin). The positions in the group is is usually 25 people, and for additional people to participate, it is possible to ask the airlines (if they want to participate) for extra passengers, after informing our consultant about the matter.



We are required to coordinate and execute in the best possible way our travel services. Taking into account any predictability and care, we are not responsible for wrong actions of third parties and partners of ours, as for emergencies such as cancellations, delays, route changes transport vehicles (airplanes, ships, buses, trains etc.) excluded areas (embargoed) because of terrorist acts, strikes etc. Also we can not control and predict charter flight, routed airplanes or ship delays for technical, weather or other reasons.


We have the ability to control circumstances foreign to the sphere of influence that could lead to the cancellation of the trip or damage resulting from non-performance or improper performance of the agreed services. Such as: strikes, accidents, diseases, epidemics, organic disruptions due to local conditions, altitude, climate, because meals are not included in the trip program or due to inadequate hygiene conditions by external factors, injuries or hardship due to war, coups, terrorism, hijackings, earthquakes, weather conditions, fires, toxic contamination, and any need or force majeure. In these cases we are not responsible for compensation for any damage caused by them. However we will do our utmost for the care of our travellers. Complaints are immediately reported to the companion (or in his absence, straight to our offices) and to the service provider in writing. If the problem is not resolved on the spot, after returning from the trip, submit in writing to our office within 7 working days any related complaint with any documents or supporting documents have to justify. After these seven days, the agency assumes no obligation to reply to any requirement. After the departure of the customer if any damage due to non-performance or improper performance benefits of the trip, compensation is limited to what is regulated by international conventions binding the country and governing those benefits. Compensation is based on the non-performance or improper performance of the services of travel is limited to twice the value of the person in the trip price. To enable cost the realization of a tour, the minimum number of 20 participants is required. Unless supplemented reserve the right to cancel the voyage, to inform its participants and return their money back without bringing any other obligation. Services not specified in the travel programme descriptions or referred to as optional or not offered at all by us or are available at an additional cost beyond the labelled prices, if enable their implementation, our offices are not responsible for optional events conducted by local agencies. In many trips, the attendant picks up and delivers the group to the place of destination. We even reserve, about hours and days of operation of the markets in each country.



Because in the organized transports or trips other persons are included, the transaction implies appropriate social conduct and it is necessary that everyone abides by the program and the recommendations of the escorts, as are timely attendance to assembly sites (flights, transfers, tours, excursions, meals, etc.). If the delay and inconsistency of the traveller results in loss of transmission or the excursion, travel or other service, the traveller will need to reconnect with the group at his own risk and expense without any right to reimbursement for the service lost. Our offices will make every effort to assist him in this. At the airport and ports should be at least two hours before departure. Any loss of any journey parts or means of transport due to delay means the loss of all the service, without any right to reimbursement. The costs to reconnect with the rest of the team is charged to travellers, and the Office is trying as much as possible to assist in this. If the traveller interrupts the journey on his own decision and leaves the group, he is not entitled to any further service or compensation and the responsibility and any travel expenses incurred by him.In the same way the office is not responsible for organized transport or excursions that were not provided to the traveller by his negligence or responsibility, due to illness.



All information regarding categorization, classification of hotels and lodgings listed in the programs of our tour is in line with the applicable laws of each state's tourist hotels classification and accommodation may differ from country to country. All rooms are simple class type standard. The rooms of most hotels accommodate two beds or a semi. Triple rooms are double with extra bed. Usually not very comfortable and the extra bed is shorter than normal, sofa or folding divan. The rooms are supplied by the hotel at 13:00 and is available to residents until 12:00 of the departure day. If you wish to enter the room earlier or leave later you must pay a small charge. In individual trips in case of late arrival to the hotel, and as long as there has been informed about the hotel or our office, the hotel has the right to cancel the reservation and provide room for the entire period of detention, if requested. The agency reserves the right to change hotel referred in the schedule with another of same or higher category without this being a reason for cancellation, and all notifications will be made upon receipt of the final prospectus. The prepaid meals in the outside of the travel price usually corresponds to a 3-course menu (for example, appetizer, main course with side dish, dessert). You should also know that traveling by coach in Greece the positions given in order of registration and do not change during the trip, abroad change daily. Smoking is prohibited on the bus. The phrase "through the city" and "we'll see" road trips declare route directional indicator and view from the coach's point Attraction - building respectively. The duration of full-day visit / tour not exceed eight (8) total hours always calculated from departure to return to the hotel. Duration half day not exceeding four (4) hours always calculated from departure to return to the hotel. It is known in advance and expressly agreed that the airlines for their own reasons sometimes charter flights for own aircraft of another airline. The case does not constitute a reason for canceling the trip by the client.



The agency recommends that you have a valid passport at least until scheduled return date. Some countries require a passport expiring at least 3-12 months after the arrival time by them. The office provides all the necessary information regarding travel, etc. documents required and the issue/visa but even provide some assistance to the relevant procedure; not responsible for any failure to issue a visa from competent authorities, which must be addressed by the traveller. Nationals of other countries who hold foreign passports must inform personally the consular authorities of their country and those of the countries to be visited. Failure to ensure timely issuance of visas or travel documents does not justify disqualification on the trip without cancellation fees. The office provides all the information necessary vaccinations, pharmaceutical precautions for tropical areas or other epidemics. However, because of personal medical data of every traveller, the traveller is responsible to address on the appropriate health authorities.



The office has a professional insurance contract indemnity for any transfer or excursion organized for potential liability towards customers, resulting from the failure or improper execution of the package. Also covered in the event of insolvency repayable paid and repatriation of travellers (covered persons who have not exceeded 75 years of age). The number of the insurance policy and the insurer's information is available to the traveller by visiting the accounting office.



The baggage is transported at the risk of the holders, regardless if they are being accompanied by an office representative. In case of damage or loss, apply the corresponding international treaties for each mode of transport or hotel, and the responsibility is limited according to these conditions. The weight of baggage must not exceed 20 kg. In case of overweight, the costs are paid by the traveller and they are paid locally. The airlines allow passengers to bring only one small piece of hand luggage in the cabin (50x40x25).



Cancellations by the traveller are made only in written to our offices, and regardless of the date of the reservation (and as long as it is not possible to assign the booking to another person with the conditions set out in Article 6 of the General Conditions of participation) subject to the following charged per person, depending on the time at which the cancellation is made:

• 21 days before the departure: 50 euros for trips to Greece and 80 euros for travel abroad, per person, for administrative expenses.

• 20 to 14 days before departure: 40% of the total value of the trip.

• 13 to 7 days prior to departure: 60% of the total value of travel

• 6 days before and right up to the time of departure (non show): 100% of the total value of the trip.

• For cruises contrary provision cancellations under the terms of contracts each company applied for each trip-cruise

• For personal, individual trips and travel clubs, schools, companies and incentive travel different cancellation conditions apply under the terms of any airline and policy issues applicable hotel cancellations will apply for these trips.


Charges are made regardless of the recording time or whether the corresponding amounts from travellers paid. If one of the two people will be staying in a double room cancel their participation, and as long as the cancellation is not equal to 100% of the total value, excluding the cancellation, the traveller pays the difference room, as we stayed necessarily in single room.


Cancellation of individual Cruise reservations

For cruises lasting up to 2 nights

21 days before departure: 30% cancellation fee of the total

21-15 days before departure: 50% cancellation fee of the total

14-8 days before departure: 75% cancellation fee of the total

08-00 days before departure: 90% cancellation fee of the total


For cruises lasting 3 nights or more

60 days before departure: 10% cancellation fee of the total

59-30 days before departure: 20% cancellation fee of the total

29-22 days before departure: 30% cancellation fee of the total

21-15 days before departure: 50% cancellation fee of the total

14-8 days before departure: 75% cancellation fee of the total

07-00 days before departure: 90% cancellation fee of the total

For categories S1 and above (S2-S6, S9, SA & SB) apply differently charged as follows


For cruises lasting up to 2 nights

90 days before departure: 30% cancellation fee of the total

89-60 days before departure: 50% cancellation fee of the total

59-30 days before departure: 75% cancellation fee of the total

29-00 days before departure: 95% cancellation fee of the total


For cruises lasting 3 nights or more

60 days before departure: 20% cancellation fee of the total

59-30 days before departure: 30% cancellation fee of the total

29-22 days before departure: 40% cancellation fee of the total

21-15 days before departure: 60% cancellation fee of the total

14-8 days before departure: 75% cancellation fee of the total

07-00 days before departure: 90% cancellation fee of the total



The tourism office and the traveller are bound to resolve in good faith any dispute arising during the execution of the contract of the package. In case of failure of the efforts, the Parties undertake to contact the Amicable Dispute Resolution Committee of HATTA and request mediation. If amicable settlement is not possible, the jurisdiction passes to the Courts of Greece.

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