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This is an important area which is located inside the city wall, which was used as a cemetery during the years of the siege (1822-1826). The idea of ​​creating a garden dedicated to the memory of the Messolonghi Fighters belongs to the first governor of Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias.


The garden is densely planted, dotted with monuments, that were erected during several different periods, and are dedicated to the prominent military and political figures of the era, Greeks and Philhellenes.


Distinguishing monuments are the Tomb of Heroes, a central monument, inaugurated in 1838 and in which were placed the relics of the fighters, the monument of Markos Botsaris, the marble statue of the English Philhellene and poet Lord Byron, work of Tinian Sculptor Georgios Vitalis, monument of the Swiss Philhellene John-James Mayer, publisher of the newspaper "Greek Chronicles", the beautiful and original monument of Philhellenes, made of stones, broken cannons and balls of the Combat, the monuments of the French, Finns, Germans, Russians, Swedes, Poles, Italians, Americans and Cypriots fighters. THe Garden of Heroes is a national reference symbol and must remain a National Memorial Ark to remind us of the debt to our homeland and loyalty to the ideals of our race.

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