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Tour of Arakinthos 
1 Day Excursion

Arakinthos or Zygos, is a mountain of the Aetoloakarnania prefecture, south of Lake Trichonis and north of the Messolonghi Lagoon. It is 984 meters high. Arakinthos is located in the narrow gorge of Kleisoura through which the Messolonghi region is connected with the region of Agrinio. It is characterized by cedar forests, chestnut and oak trees, waterfalls, caves and a rich biodiversity of birds, reptiles, squirrels, turtles, deer, wild boars, foxes and wolves, composing a completely different landscape in such a small distance from the sea front of the municipality ICS Messolonghi. Apart from the monuments of religious interest, the churches and the monastery of St. George, mount Arakinthos hosts three ancient cities of Aetolia at the foot of which is the most important archaeological sites. The ruins of the ancient city of Alikyrnas which is located at the site of "one thousand homes," near the present village of St. Thomas where tombs of Geometric and Hellenistic period and an underground Macedonian type tomb consists of an antechamber and two funerary chambers were discovered. Kalydon was built on the right bank of the river Evinos and the ruins of the temple of Artemis, Apollo, Dionysus, the Iroon and the theater. Finally, Plevrona, northwest of Messolonghi and the findings of archaeological interest show the wall with 30 towers and six gates, the theater, the water tank, the market and the cemetery, outside the wall, near the main gate. Since the time of the Byzantine Emperor Andronikos, Plevrona continues its history as the Castle of Lady Rini.


Day trip program

8:30 a.m. Departure from our agency Discover Messolonghi.

We start to Arakinthos, ascend the path that starts from the village of Agrilia over Messolonghi: every turn offers more and more the sense of transport in a barren landscape made of stone and earth. In Retsina look out for the brown signs "East", which is ideal for a stop to enjoy the view over the lagoon and the Gulf of Patras and shoot panoramas.


The highest village on the route is Ellinika, at an altitude of 750m. From here the road descends through the chestnut trees of Erymanthos to the Trichonida lake, which is about half an hour, and we will wander with the help of our guide through the verdant landscape. We will learn about the rich biodiversity and the history Arakynthos. We walk in the magical landscape and enjoy unique images and unique landscapes that will remain etched in our minds forever. We will visit the monastery of St. George and from there we will return at noon, just in time to have ourselves a simple but delicious menu, the village Ellinika at the tavern ‘Katoi’.


The menu includes:



Coal Roasted Potatoes, Beans and Gruyere Saganaki



Greek salad with feta


Main Dish

Goat in a pot



½ Kgr Wine Sotiriou or 1 carafe Raki



Dessert of the day / fruit


After lunch we will head to the fire lookout station on the mountain which will offer us a different view.


Finally, having gained the best impressions and images from the beauty of the mountainous areas of the Holy City of Messolonghi, we will return to the town  of Messolonghi.


Photos by John Roussopoulos


  • Minimum number of participants is 15 people.

  • If the proposed dates or the duration or the travel programme do not meet your expectations, please contact us and one of our colleagues will help you create the trip of your dreams.

  • Available Bank Accounts (for deposits): 
    NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE (IBAN): GR89 4120 0000 4120 0184 228

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