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DIEXODOS Centre of Culture and Art is situated in an 18th century building. It served as the home of Athanassios Razi-Kotsikas, who was born in this house in 1798 and was later elected commander-general by the Messolonghi combatants.

In 1998 it was bought by lawyer Nikos Cordossis, who, willing to rescue the building, undertook the cost of its restoration.

The driving ambition of DIEXODOS owner is the constant presence of the Centre as a lively cultural cell in harmony with the intellectual and artistic life of the town.

Museum Collection

Different thematic units constitute DIEXODOS' permanent collection. There are exhibits from the antiquity up to today as ancient, historical and ecclesiastical heirlooms, rare documents and manuscripts.

The visitor, in his tour, is directed from instructive subtitles with explanatory texts in Greek but also in English, that accompanies all the exhibits.


Art Gallery

DIEXODOS' collection of Work of Art is hosted in the above rooms of the historical building of the 18th century.

The collection is constituted by hundreds works, mainly of Greek artists but also foreigners. Realistic paintings, mainly anthropocentric, dated from 1870 up to today. Most exhibits are paintings while there are enough engravings and sculptures.

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