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Daily excursions

at Messolonghi's region 2017

Tour at the islands of the Messolonghi Lagoon



In this water tour you will be able to admire the complex of the lagoon islands with its picturesque fishermen houses or as other known among the locals “pelades”, the seasonal birds and the sunset’s colorful feast. You will experience the harmonious coexistence of man with the wetland, through fishing, athletic and recreational activities. You will take a birdwatching tour and you will be able to admire the unique biodiversity.

The tour includes a boat trip from Messolonghi (Tourlida’s island), St. Sostis (Lighting house), Vasiladi, Fishing houses and back in Messolonghi for swimming and food.

Discover the unspoiled elements of the wetland that surround Messolonghi and Aetoliko.

It includes:

  • Transport

  • Tour guide

  • Ticket for the boat trip

  • Lunch



Discover the area of Messolonghi


Our tour starts by visiting the archeological area of ancient Plevrona; A once strong fortified city. Which, according to Euripides, was the home of the beautiful Helen, with a unique theater and many more important constructions.

After admiring the view of the lagoon and the salt pits of Messolonghi from above, we will head down to the salt pits and depending on the season we might be able to witness their productive process.

Then we will visit Aetoliko for a relaxing stroll, where we will also have the chance to visit the unique museum of Engraving Arts, by the awarded with 4 first international awards, Vasso Katraki.

From there, passing by the mythical Acheloos River, we will visit the ancient city of Oiniades with the best reserved ancient shipyard in Greece.

Lastly, we will make a final stop at the winery of the Sotiriou family and we will have dinner in a village nearby at our return.


It includes:

  • Transport

  • Tour guide

  • Lunch

  • Ticket for the archeological visit


Minimum number of participants is 10 people.


If the proposed dates or the duration or the travel programme do not meet your expectations, please contact us and one of our colleagues will help you create the trip of your dreams.


Available Bank Accounts (for deposits):

NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE (IBAN): GR89 4120 0000 4120 0184 228

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