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Bottarga (Italian), Poutargue (French), Botarga (Spanish), Batarekh (Arabic), Karasumi (Japanese) is a delicacy of cured Grey Mullet Roe or tuna. In Greece, the roe botargo is produced from mullet eggs, which are caught in Greek lakes. The whole ovaries taken out of the fish, washed with water, salted natural salt, dried in the sun and packed in melted wax.


Flavor with history

The heritage of fish preservation, caught from the rich natural salt seas, is kept nowadays, especially in some Mediterranean countries. Although the regular preservation of the roe of tuna or mullet, sometimes is considered an achievement of the Byzantines, in fact it goes back to the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and even in some coasts of Asia.


"Botargo was a culinary delicacy from the time of the Pharaohs»



«It was known in Byzantium as a necessary and important food of the ancient Greeks»





Traditional laboratory KOTSARIS has its roots deep in the past. With experience of three generations that has passed today in the hands of the youngest of the Kotsaris family, Stelios I. Kotsaris. With new ideas, but always faithful to the traditions and values ​​of the Sacred City, processing the "gold" of Greece in the best possible way!


Here the botargo is not dried artificially, nor any kind of preservatives are used! The production is done in a traditional way and not manufactured. Thus it reaches the consumer's table in its best form and quality! Fishing and processing of Botargo KOTSARIS in the place where it is produced, it gives better botargo quality even better since there is does not endure the transportation to other parts of Greece and it doesn't have the risk of deteriorating!


We use only wax and not paraffin for preserving our Botargo which is healthier and does not alter the taste! Furthermore, by not having intermediaries, we keep the price of botargo KOTSARIS at very affordable levels so that everyone can enjoy this eclectic taste in various dishes!




Theodore Stefos learned the art of Botargo, next to relatives and fishermen, growing up on the banks of the lagoon of Messolonghi - Aitoliko. He gained valuable knowledge and skill in processing Boatargo. For several decades the limited production, based on traditional homemade recipe was known to a small circle of local appreciated and enjoyed particularly. In 2008, together with his brother George and a group of experienced food technologists and specialists in product promotion, they have joined forces in order to guide the company in the wider Greek and international markets. Together they envisioned a way to share with the world the valuable products of the lagoon, combining tradition with innovation. The company Stefos Bros & Co was Founded in 2008 with headquarters Aetoliko, a town near Messolonghi. The company has built innovative, for Greece and Europe, facilities for processing, packaging and promoting of sea, lagoon and aquaculture products.

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