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Birdwatching in the Lagoons

of Messolonghi - Aetoliko

Protected by the Ramsar Convention, the wetland at the estuary of Evinos and Acheloos works as a Noah's Ark for two hundred and seventy species of birds. In the shallow waters of the lagoon, no deeper than eighty cm, live 36 species of fish and the ecosystem includes 23 species of reptiles.


Wander among reeds, dunes, salt marshes and dykes, in the hope of seeing herons, the permanent patrons throughout the year, coots, who are summer visitors, beautiful avocets in the area of ​​Salinas and lanky flamingos in various areas.


Scientists of the Geology Center recommend 'caution' when walking in the mounds, in order not to destroy the nests that terns build, to approach the birds in a calm manner, so as not to scare them, and for us to not be exposed.


Bird watching needs patience, mainly because birds change places. Do not forget to take with you: water, hat and binoculars.

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