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The Wetland of Messolonghi - Aitoliko


The wetland of Messolonghi - Aitoliko, with the delta of Acheloos and Evinos (or Fidari), is one of the largest in the Mediterranean and one of the most important RAMSAR our country. It is located in the western part of Central Greece, in the Prefecture of Aitoloakarnania. It has an area of ​​250,000 hectares and it was created, over time, from the debris of the two rivers. Their silting created an extensive shallow water drive, with lagoons, mudflats, salt marshes, reed beds. From the ornithological point of view, the Messolonghi area was first studied by the English ornithologist Simpson in 1859 and the relevant work is the Ibis 1 (20 (1860).


Also, in 1902 it was studied by Otmar Reiser, and the related work is included in the Ornis Balcanica. Since 1960 and onwards begins the great interest in the region, both for Greek and foreign Ornithologists. The Englishman Gooders in 1970, refers to Messolonghi in his book, "Where to watch birds in Britain and Europe", and considers him one of the best wetland habitat of Greece. In the lagoon of Messolonghi, as well as the Delta of Acheloos and Evinos, and the surrounding mountains (Koutsilaris, Taksiarchis, Skoupos, Kardos, Arakynthos and Barasova) have been observed in during various seasons, 276 species of birds.

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