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At the location of the "Thousand Houses" near the present village of St. Thomas, between Calydon and Plevrona, the ruins of another ancient city exist, which are identified according to most scholars with those of Alicyrna. Pliny says that the city was, like Plevrona, inland ( «in mediterraneo Pleuron, Halicyrna»), while Strabon describes them as a small town, which is thirty stadiums from Calydon. However, there is no epigraphic confirmation for a secure identification of the monument.


The wall of the citadel, which follows the morphology of a low hill at the southern foot of the mountain range of Arakynthos (Zygos) survives in fragments, while the interior are visible large building foundations. A Separate wall, which seems stretched until the plain around the hill of the citadel, surrounded the city buildings and a monumental form of drainage, and a conductor with elaborate walls, completes our picture of it. The prominent location of the city makes it important as it controlled, like Calydon and Plevrona, the land and sea routes linking South with Greece Amvrakikos Gulf and Epirus.

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