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Through Discover Messolonghi, you will find complete leisure travel proposals, both for Greece and Abroad. Proposals for individual travellers but also for organized group trips in cooperation with reliable suppliers of travel services and by aiming for the highest quality at the best price.


Our experienced travel consultants, always up-to-date with all developments in tourism, by making recommendations and proposals, will prepare a package that works best for you and meets your requirements, and will seek out the most contributory prices ​​for the most valuable days of your year.


We will take care of your air and ferry tickets for Greece and all around the world at any moment, mainly because we are connected with global booking systems, we will find a suitable hotel for your business or leisure trip and will guide you to the hidden secrets of each destination.


Among the tourism services offered by Discover Messolonghi, are the History and Gastronomy Tours, Ecotourism and all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities (Sailing, Horse Riding, Traditional Dances, Diving, Photography, Birdwatching etc.), which are organized in the Messolonghi region, in cooperation with local and reliable suppliers, that specialise in their field.

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